Dec 3, 2019
debosneed (All reviews)

Story [7/10]: Generally the Story is alright. The overall story is quite interesting but each arc usually boils down to some sort of over complicated tournament which just becomes so tedious and boring. The world that Tower of God is set in is quite an interesting concept- a giant tower with different floors where people have to pass challenges to go up, but this severely limits the story structure of each story arc in the above mentioned tournament. As well as this, a lot of the lore in ToG comes from the author's notes, which is quite frustrating as it feels like the author is too lazy to add in these plot points into the story (although they are not always that important but quite interesting nonetheless).

Art [5/10]: The art is pretty bland. The quality itself is okay (apart from the first 50 or so chapters where it really is just low quality in my opinion) but I really dislike the art style; most panels are boring to look at especially in "fights" which have now become incoherent beams of light hitting each other. The art also makes the setting quite confusing, as it is sort of like a cross between a weird fantasy/sci-fi world with space ships at the same time as special soul stealing characters, and the art makes the environment quite ambiguous as to what is trying to be set, although I'm sure some people may find this appealing

Character [5/10]. Firstly, the character design is awful in Tower of God. This is more of the art style complain but I'll put it here anyway. A lot of the characters look very generic or just similar to one another and their clothing especially makes me wretch- people wearing Adidas tracksuits or just trousers in an (admittedly) epic world just is really off putting. Most of the characters themselves are either boring or under used. There are three main characters: Bam, although he used to be a very intriguing character in the second season, is now just so hard to read because of no personality beyond " I like my friends and want to save them". Khun is okay I guess but him and Rak are basically just comic relief characters now because they are too weak to keep up with Bam. I'm not going to bother mentioning any other characters because they probably won't be in it for another 100 chapters anyway as per.

Enjoyment[6/10]: Although I have criticised the series a lot, I did moderately enjoy it, although this was more due to the mind-numbing amusement in Shonen fights and power ups more than anything else and the theories that come with a rich,mysterious world like the Tower. With that said, I will still continue reading Tower of God to the end due to how intriguing the story is but at the same time I eagerly await the conclusion that can't come quick enough.

Overall: 7/10