Dec 3, 2019
Chronuss (All reviews)
First, some education. Even though this was made in 1984, the source material was published in 1939. For those that can do simple maths, you should also be able to tell this is 38 years before Star Wars. So whom borrowed from whom? Unfortunately, the movie is only loosely based on the source material, and the author, E. E. Smith, completely distanced himself from this movie and the 25 episode series.

Also, there are technically THREE versions of Lensman. There is the original Harmony Gold dub from 1988 that was edited, the Streamline dub from 1990 that was unedited (about 18 minutes longer), AND a completely different version called The Secret of the Lens. The Secret of the Lens is technically the first four episodes from the series sort of mashed together. The Streamline dub is has the superior voice acting, but many favor the Harmony Gold dub for its electronica.

This movie is one of the jewels left to us before Streamline dissolved along side Robot Carnival, Wicked City, and Lily CAT to name a few. The animation is slick and crisp, the audio is on point, music is placed exactly where it needs to be, and the story is about a kid who gets some powers and kicks an intergalactic despot's ass. What's not to like?