Dec 3, 2019
SweetBlossoms12 (All reviews)

Okay, you're about to read my review. So I'd like to point out things that can be noticed.
- Typos, exaggerated descriptions, unusual behavior, and different opinions.

Let's start!

From what I understood about the story, it derives from Makabe Masamune wanting revenge for the cruel girl who rejected her. Well, it's pretty original. Though as the story progresses, you can notice each flaw. I don't have anything else to say about the story nor do I have problems but it is certainly lacking.


The art is seemingly the life-saver of the anime. It animate's the characters beautifully. Hair physics are pretty well done, the studio's budget came pretty handily. I don't seem to notice sluggish movements, and it well derives the mood. Whenever the mood focuses on sexiness, it expresses it firmly. Whenever it cringes, it also expresses it perfectly.

The OST isn't the best, but it is beyond average so its pretty fine to me. No more to say about the sounds.

Ah, finally. Say, If I were the MC. If I had to pick between Aki Adagaki or Neko Fujinomiya, I'd prefer Neko. It seems like Neko was the only one who fought her love for Makabe, I'm basing about worthiness. Yeah yeah, Aki misses her chubby friend, not realizing its Makabe. But we all agree that Aki is complete Ditchhole.
"That's why they named her *X NAME*!"
At first, I loved the Makabe's relationship with Aki, it all seemed cute and quite amusing at some occasions. But as soon as Neko came, I'd had a feeling Neko was the plot device. It turned out for me was the complete opposite. Neko deserved WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than Aki. After the arrival of *Mr.*ImposterChubbyPants, I was really infuriated at how quickly she believed it was her childhood friend. Without confirming, on the other hand. Yoshino was more than a supporting character, I'd say she was my favorite from all of them. She had done the best job for Makabe. She deserves an oscar. Makabe's mom is a Lolli device. His sister was Moe. So this was my review of the characters. Sorry if I exaggerated too much.

Well, I enjoyed the first 9 episodes, but after watching 10-12, I was quite disappointed. Thats all

STORY: 4/10
ART: 10/10
SOUND: 7/10

OVERALL: 5.6/10