Dec 2, 2019
Ein_is_my_puppy (All reviews)
"Well Christina, you simply have been indelibly marked it would seem by Hououin Kyouma and his exploits normally reserved for esteemed literary figures. Mwahahahahaha!

Do confess now and quickly. We have matters of urgency to attend to. A Mad Sceinist can't be waiting around all day for an assistant to confess her sub consciences' amorous deviance now can he? But please, do tell. Perhaps you recall one certain afternoon in the Future Gadget Lab while alone with a particular Mad Scientist? Your mind says time travel doesn't exists yet you have memories of things you say didn't happen, but you know they did. Go ahead, deny it. You know its true. None the less, You are here. And this timeline is safe from Mr. Braun and the rounders. Because Hououin Kyoma succeeded and kept you safe. Utter brilliance brighter than an arc light on the darkest night."

"Shut up and close your eyes. "