Dec 2, 2019
diabolicalx (All reviews)
I am a big fan of the Psycho-pass series and manga.

I figued it would be best to clearly state this in the beginning instead of casually bringing it up at the end.

This series is not over, but I plan to come back to this review and add to it once it is over seeing as I am posting this now at a halfway point.

Psycho-pass three is much better than psycho-pass two in the sense that if you have not watched the first season you might not fully understand the vocabulary or specifics...but you'll be able to fully understand what is happening in the story.

Actually, it is almost as if PP3 tried to avoid some of the biggest issues people had with PP2. For example, some people had issues with the "constant point and shoot". This time...we have a character who likes "old school" detective work. Another issue was unnecessary dialouge. In the third season, instead of spending 10 minutes essentially giving viewers a tutorial on how to use a fictional weapon...we focus instead on the plot, character, and weapons when it relates to the plot.

The third season also brings together the characters. In the second season it seemed like everything fell apart without really explaining what would happen to the characters...let alone society itself. This is what i thought would bug me the most...however it fits very well with everyones specific personality..

Finally, for my halfway review...the new character is very interesting and adds something new to this fictional world. Maybe it isn't absolutely amazing but it is really entertaining and i wish more shows had this genre.