Dec 2, 2019
Algoz_ (All reviews)
Overall, story is bad and boring from beginning until the last 7 eps, then suddenly starts to get a little more interesting and it gets pretty fair, especially with some characters: Joane with Gilles, Shakeaspere, Karna and Mordread with his master. Man, if it wasn't for this characters i would give less than 5 score, i really liked their role (Fate Zero feels). I think there are some too much cuteness for "heroic" servants. Fights are somewhat cool, but a clusterfuck since there are many characters. Impact sounds are just too loud on headphones. But a lot of things on this anime drove me mad, here are the things and there goes some spoilers:

14 servants? For the Fate series it makes no sense. And a ruler who began to ally with one side whereas she shouldnt intervene in the fight?

Sieg gets to live, becomes a master and starting to protect all other homonculus, main cliché protagonist, meh, no creativity at all. And the ruler even starts to protect him.

Two rulers?? Like 2 judges? No logic...

Jack stripper spend episodes killing and torturing people, 3 freaking episodes, 4 servants against her, and at the end she disappears, not being killed, just out of the scene. She should've get a decent punishment. A Hougu with a mist is more powerful than 4 servants? ok then...
Why does that Black Rider servant gets her head cut off and the Assassin just walk away? No justice at all.

The animation quality really dropped after the 18 episode to the end.