Dec 2, 2019
L4UR_05 (All reviews)
So Saint Seiya Omega, the non-canon sequel to saint seiya

I will judge this compared to the original Saint Seiya series, and will include little to no spoilers, enjoy:

Story: the story has 2 sagas each with their own main enemy and with separate arks inside each saga. Unlike the original saint seiya anime this anime has more characters that are actually developed and we get more insight on them, it isn't just gold saints and main cast. the story actually has turns that you don't see coming at first or has some minor characters that have some deeper feelings and thoughts. I wish i could talk more about the plot but it would have to include spoilers

Art: The anime generally looks good, far from revolutionary but always good enough to watch it, even when paused. the animation has sakuga in it, it is just not the most common, but it can make some scenes really good because of it, the special effects for all the special moves are also crispy looking.

Sound: the music is pretty good, some of them really stand out like "Eternal Saints" "Like Pegasus" "Lonely Saints" "face determination" "those that should protect" all are really good osts that are quite memorable, my favourite probably being Eternal saints, this along the 4 openings really make the music feel good in the anime always adding on to the visuals happening on the screen. In terms of sound effects , i think it wasn't exactly the greatest but it did it's job pretty well. later on in the series however there are some insert songs that really don't do justice to the rest of the ost's and due to the very nature of insert songs and the presence of voice it felt a bit off-putting.

Character: Probably the part where it differs the most to saint seiya, both in execution and in idea. Although at first while watching it might seem like the show forgot about the older characters, in the 2nd saga the older characters shone a lot and really showed their improvements along with change that comes from : time , experience, age and events around them. The new characters however are also really good, they are much more complex, and even characters that at 1st glance seem like just a throw away character for no reason, still show emotions, thoughts, feelings, it makes both the world and themselves feel like more than a plot device. and especially the main cast , had so much change overtime, way more than the original bronze saints. and although some characters resemble a bit a character from the original anime, they are still different enough that you can not just call them a "reskin".

I genuinly think this is a good anime, it both rewarded me as an older fan of the series that watched the previous installments with some bits of lore that i knew before hand like for example older characters, as well being entertaining enough with new things like for example the element system, which adds a bit more flavour in 1st saga. Most of the mistakes this anime does, are what the original anime probably did as well to a certain degree, this anime is not perfect, i would say that 1st saga focused on the main new bronze saints more, while the 2nd saga showed a lot more of the other characters along with the older characters. but even with that in account, the anime always tried to change something, to show something unusual ,to stop things from being stale, and although some people dislike some of the foes coming back again and again, i felt like i was seeing how the enemies themselves were changing and growing along the heroes, kind of like looking at the other side of the fence.

Overall i still really enjoyed this anime a solid 9/10 for me, not quite close to 10, it would have to change some things like for example the 1st 10-15 episodes were honestly not that great, same with the beginning of the 2nd saga, they were only a way to either introduce ore reintroduce a character although it never felt as bad as for example reborn's first few episodes.