Dec 2, 2019
Larbi-kun (All reviews)
Maou-sama, Retry! was a show that I had every reason to pass on, being another yet another seasonal isekai. However a certain scene 13 minutes into the first episode caused me to stick around. Why? Why would I submit myself to a genre I generally avoid? This is because 13 minutes into the show, Maou carries a girl named Aku on his back and proceeds to run to their destination. On paper this doesn't sound remarkable at all but watching is a completely different experience. We get to see his awkwardly animated legs (coupled with a blur effect to signify his speed) carry the two of them through one of the most generic looking forests I've seen in awhile. It was absolutely hilarious.

That is the main take away I had while watching Maou-sama, Retry! It wasn't amazing in its story, animation, characters or sound. Filled to the brim with every cliche you can think of, excessive fan service, most of the female cast falling in love with the main character. Despite all of these shortcomings, this show ended up being extremely enjoyable. I actively looked forward to continuing this mess.

If this had been better than it was, then the cliches and characters might have bothered me. However it is exactly because of all of its shortcomings (if I even want to call them that), that I had a massive smile plastered on my face throughout the entirety of the show. I enjoyed this much in the same way I enjoy low budget/poorly acted movies. Are they bad? Sure. Are they enjoyable? Absolutely.