Dec 2, 2019
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
This film, while it didn't exactly hit me until the end, brought a lot to the table that I wasn't expecting. It was a film about parenthood, the passage of time, and ultimately, love. Let's get into why I think this movie has enchanted so many people-- and also why it didn't exactly do the trick for me.

First of all, there's absolutely no need for improvement in the art and sound departments. Musically, this film exceeded my expectations. I didn't notice it all of the time, but where it mattered (such as emotional scenes, dramatic scenes, etc.), it blew me away. On to the art, nearly everything was exceptional. Personally, the character designs weren't something I loved, which would probably be my only gripe about it. The buildings, the coloring, the landscapes-- they were all done so well, so it wasn't difficult to become immersed in the world itself.

I think one of the bigger gaps that I found in this film that made it less remarkable to me came with the story and the characters. I do think it was built up quite well to a satisfying ending, but a lot of the in-between got lost for me. It wasn't that the characters weren't compelling, and they each had such interesting and painful pasts, but the merits I found within the characters are more attributed to the *idea* of what their characters were rather than what they actually presented as on screen.

The story did accumulate very well by the end, as I mentioned, so it all worked together as a whole at the end of the day. That being said, there were instances where I felt the plot was giving us information we didn't need or that certain details weren't explained well enough or that character relationships weren't explored properly. Calling back to the beginning of this review, I did love the fact that this story was about... well, love. The events that happened showed how powerful it can be, for better or for worse. It showed how love can act as camouflage or be as flamboyant as possible. Because the story was imbued with those things, it made it heartwarming to watch, but as far as the specific makeup of the plot, it wasn't the best.

I do feel like maybe this film just wasn't for me, and that's okay. I know many people adore this film, and I can see where they would form that opinion; it just isn't something I was crazy about myself. To each their own.