Dec 2, 2019
BabaORiley (All reviews)
My problem with this show is pretty simple. If I have to go out of my way and read up on the shows backstory and production to understand what in the holy plain of Rey is going on. That’s when the show is bad.
I like shows that make you think, have open endings, does not give you all the answers, let's you decide what's right and wrong. However, when something like Neon Genesis comes along where you understand a bit of the story and then it all falls apart in the last episodes then the whole narrative is flawed. I can’t enjoy this. I personally need a start, middle and an ending to a story. I can’t start in the middle and have no real ending (I do not count those awful movies as an ending because the creator Hideaki Anno intended the show to end at the 25th episode mark not 2 movies after).
I don’t know. Maybe I just have shit taste but if you’re not an anime freak that reads up on all the production of a show, then don’t watch this. More power to you if you can enjoy this. However, this must be the most overhyped show I have ever watched. I think SAO is better than this because I can at least understand how awful that show is without having to google it.
The music is good tho.