Dec 2, 2019
BadDecisionsBoy (All reviews)
I had positive unbiased expectations to be honest despite the reviews that I had read and the backlash that I have heard. I still decided to watch it in hopes that they will be proven wrong. But I wasted my time and most of them were right.

I feel like I was watching a bootleg version of Naruto, and I'm not joking. It felt recycled, I know it was meant to appeal to the younger generation but most scenes/characters were too familiar and were obviously just copied from the OG series. And the Plot? what plot? I feel like it does not even exist because of the slow and unprogressive direction.

The characters were bland, no one was interesting, even the main character was unlikeable(He hates his dad, well I hate your ass too, how dare you hate my boy Naruto). At least from the original series, in some of the episodes, someone would come up relatable. (even in the fillers)

Watching this show was torture. There is no reason I would ever be brought up again to rewatch this. Save yourself some time and do yourself a favor. SKIP this!