Dec 2, 2019
BabaORiley (All reviews)
In this anime are we following an idiot og a red bloodcell who can't flow through the bodies blood streams without help frol white bloodcell Josuke Higashikata from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I liked everything about the show from learning about how the body operates to the banter between the characters. However, I hated every second when the idiot red bloodcell came on screen. It really sucked thefun out of the show for me. You shoud watch it. Just be prepared for the annoying main character.

Macrophage is best girl don't @ me.

The show would have been average if not for the learning experianse. You could say that it is a slice of life inside the body. There is no plot other than the problem the characters face that episode. I didn't like that they reused alot of assets. I understand that some shows have reused assets but then you only have one animation for the Josuke Higashikata bloodcell going in for the kill, at that point it's just lazy and very noticeble. Go watch it if you want to learn how the body works I guess. And for the love of god . . . DROP THE MEAT.