Dec 2, 2019
Its_pumpkin (All reviews)
I feel like I'm being very generous with the rating I gave One Punch Man Season 2 because I was blown away by the first season and really wanted this one to do well. I initially procrastinated in watching this season altogether because of the fact that Madhouse gave the show to J.C Staff.

The 4 aspects of the show that made me fall in love with it initially during the first season were the characters, the humor, the animation and the fight scenes (the animation and fight scenes could be put together to be honest).

I was quite upset with the obvious change in animation. It no longer looked as clean or as smooth as it initially did in Season 1, but instead looked sharper and it wasn't as appealing. I eventually got over this because the story and the character were really interesting. Garo is such a mesmerising character to the point where I wanted to get inside his head and figure him out. He was so promising and I feel like I could have learned more about him but I don't think it was executed right.

The season is only 12 episodes and some how the it felt like it was too short and too long at the same time. Since Saitama wasn't the only main focus, the story become bigger in a way but then I felt like there was so much happening at one time. To the point where 12 episodes don't seem enough.

One thing that was missing in this season was the humor and this upsets me. I could watch season 1 of One Punch Man over and over and continue to laugh each time because the comedy is golden but this season didn't make me laugh once. Fair enough Saitama as a character has never failed to make me smile but the comedic juice was missing in this season and it hurts my soul.

I can't pretend like I didn't enjoy the show at all though because I did enjoy the fight scenes. The one critique I will give is that they didn't give the same effect as the last season. Also they felt so much slower than before so that's another thing.

I feel like I shouldn't be complaining as much as I am with how high I rated it. In fact don't look at the numbers, they don't really match up with what I'm saying.