Dec 2, 2019
Monty3610 (All reviews)
Kotonoha no Niwa was a pretty good film. I put it off for a good while just cause I didn't feel like watching it, but I'm glad that I decided too. I find Makoto Shinkai's work to be abosolutely enchanting and I'm always stunned by the soundtrack and artwork in his films, and Kotonah no Niwa was no exception to that.

Story - 6.5

I believe that story was pretty average. There are points in the film where I feel that more information could've been needed, such as the whole 'students low key bullying Yukari into quitting her job' part, because that seemed kinda important since it causes her to leave the school and Takao. I like story but wish that it was fleshed out a bit more.

Art - 10

Love the art. It feels very fluid and was done phenomenally. The rain was beautiful seeing the thunder in the sky was just stunning. And seeing the screen pan out to the rest of the city when Yukari embraced Takao looked just amazing. I believe that they did an excellent job with the art in this movie and I'll always love this movie for it.

Sound - 8

The sound was done really nicely. From the sound of the rain to the clapping of thunder, it all connects to the scenes really well. The ending theme, "Rain" by Motohiro Hata, fits in perfectly around the end of the film. It's catchy and connects to the both the story and characters oh so well.

Characters - 6

The characters were done fairly well. You get some insight to both of the lead characters lives, with Takao wanting to be a shoe maker and Yukari being a teacher. You get other bits of information such as knowing a bit about Takao's family life and Yukari only being able to taste alcohol and chocolate, hence why we see her only eating/drinking those two things. But there isn't too much about Yukari that we get to know other than what was stated in the film, which I feel it could have included more of. Again with not knowing or seeing what happened with the students not respecting her in class, which was mentioned around the middle/end portion of the film. Other than that I liked them.

Enjoyment - 8

Each scene really had my attention and left me wanting more when it ended.
I thoroughly enjoyed the film despite my issues with parts of the story and the lives surrounding the characters.

Overall - 8

I'd say that this was a very good film, it mainly has to do with visuals and the ost, but I still enjoyed the characters and the story and it made for a really nice film. Another solid film by Makoto Shinkai.