Dec 2, 2019
DoomWaster (All reviews)
Well this one was a real downer. I must admit I did have some actual fun with the first half, mainly because I watched it pretty damn drunk. So I have to give the first half a 7, because I genuinely got some laughs out of how retarded it was. The latter half, however, was utter garbage and a real god damn slog to endure. The cringe it emanated in intense quantities was something really special. A total waste of time. So the latter half is getting a 2. That would combine it to an average of 4.5, but I can't give as good of a score to this piece of shit, that's why I'll also take away half a point for being such a letdown as well. 4/10 do not touch the second half. In fact, do not touch this excuse for an anime at all.