Dec 2, 2019
UkePaChan (All reviews)
The second season of Bananya! Who wouldn't be hyped for this!
After ranking the first season a masterpiece I was really excited for this one.

Instead of in the human world/interacting with every day objects/life situations and sometimes even with humans themselves this season plays on the fictional Bananya planet. (possibly the origin story?)
Every now and then meowteors (nyagareboshis) will fall onto the planet and bestow the inhabitants with unusual items to interact with (usually items from the human world). As the first season, most episodes introduce a new bananya character (like the zombie bananyas, emo-bananya or my personal favorite the elder bananya).

This season continues to bring warm and fuzzy feelings to you every week and yet I'm personally missing the interactions with the human world from the first season that made it feel like bananyas were more a part of our actual world.
The new characters are all fun, but unfortunately we don't see any of the characters from the first season (as of episode 9), except for Bananya.

Overall, still enjoyable, fluffy, wholesome and BA-NA-NYAAAAA~~~