Dec 2, 2019
JuiceCSushi (All reviews)
In my opinion, the best part of this season was the first two episodes. After that, things got convoluted and overly complicated. They only really kicked off the arch on the 6th episode, and that only left half a season to pack in everything they had planned. And by the opening animation, I could tell they had a lot planned. I mean, some of the characters pictured in the opening didn't show up till the very end or had little importance whatsoever. And in the third episode, the bit about what Chuuya truly is, just kinda lost me. But like I said, the first two episodes were what I hoped the season would be. It was cute seeing Chuuya and Dazai's starting relationship. Other than that, Bungo Stray Dogs always has had great art and interesting characters, so at least that wasn't lost this season