Dec 2, 2019
ImAAnimeFan (All reviews)
WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS!!! Ok first off, I wanna say sorry to the people that I told that I said this movie was bad, and the worse movie ever. I was so wrong, so wrong. This is the best anime movie I have ever seen, probably the best MOVIE I have ever seen. The art is the best. It has the best art I have ever seen. I love it so much. The characters were so caring, and inspiring. Some were pretty bad, but most of the characters were good. The story was so well done. The people who made this movie took a while to come up with a story like this, because it is so good, and it must of took a long time to come up with it. Some people might disagree with me. About half the people who have seen it hate it, and the other half love it. The reason why people hated it, was because they thought it was offensive, and disturbing. This movie is about a guy who bullys a deaf girl. I will admit, I thought it was disturbing before I watched it, but the male character was so sweet to go learn sign language to say sorry to her for bullying her. He regretted it so bad, and he even tryed to kill himself. So he got to know her about 5 years later, and they became friends, which I thought was sweet. The male character is so strong to pay for his sins, and say sorry to her, and get to know her. This movie isnt disturbing, or offensive at all, it is a masterpiece. It teaches us to be better people, and not to bully someone. This movie is beautiful. No matter what any of you say, this is the best movie in the world, and it changed me, and really got me thinking. I was so wrong about this movie, and Im sorry for judging it without even watching it. This movie is overall a 10/10 for me. Please guys watch this movie if you havent, it truly is the definition of a masterpiece <3