Dec 2, 2019
Nanominyo (All reviews)
I'm not a big fan of SAO, but my friend is and a part of our deal is that if I am to give critic then I have to watch it.

But you may think: You just a SAO hater to be a SAO hater.
No. SAO is filled with plotholes. Big ass plotholes. It is filled with cheap conviniences (bc of the plotholes) and this season is no better. At least I can enjoy we not getting to listen to the annoying OP Kirito this season. Good for that.

To sum up: I didn't expect much going into this and i was not disappointed. It fills out the usual SAO standard (Or any Shonen serie standard).

SAO was also one my introduction to anime, but being picky today many years later have given me a new light on this mediocre based series that can't really fulfill anything great.
It got good animation... and that's about it really. The characters is empty most of the time and whole their personality will flip on a coin.
Can you guess the main villain's character? Oh right he is a psychopath like any other villain in SAO. Nothing new under the sun there. Just another boring villain.
Alice is... meh. I know they made her a nearly emotionless character but really? Are we soon over with that monotone ass voice they gave her?
Oh and apparently Asuna should be in this season some more but look at this, we are 8 episodes in and she has like yet to have more than one line of dialouge or something. Honestly by this time she'll properly first be there to the boss battle and like... kill him off for Alice or some shit, bc Convinient plotholes is convinient. I know times goes faster in that universe, but even the villain came faster into the digital world lol
Welcome to the series with Convinient plotholes.
I could go on but honestly we all know that would be way too long.