Dec 2, 2019
dirtbum (All reviews)
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day, I scorned my late girlfriend.

Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl, however, a little spoiler, this rascal does and is kinda dumbfounded by it and does not how effectively handle the situation.

I'm taking that you are reading this review having watched the movie or at least know about the series of the 'Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai', so let me get straight to the matter. I am disappointed. Truly, what I just watched shocks me by how bad and inconsistent the writing. So as you know, our main character revolves around a few main and supporting characters. So it is really easy to spot the upcoming plot and what was about to happen. Like, not even trying to joke, if you can recall the scene when Mai-san saved Sakuta by shoving him away and taking the hit. I fucking called it, like, on point, 15 minutes before what happened I call the exact thing that happened. Another issue I faced was that, why did it take Sakuta so damn long to decide, he took so long that he fucked up the situation. Like seriously, it was shown that he accepted that Shouko would die, this was 12 days before it was said that he was gonna be hit by a car. Why is our main character so indecisive about the choice, like come on, I really felt the plot was just meant to be dragged on the longest, long enough that it was a movie. This whole plot seriously could had be done in like, 3 episodes in the series, 4 max. Plus none of this all matters in the end cause both Sakuta and Shouko and Mai all survived, so why does this movie exist. I really feel this movie is pointless in view of the series, if I was new this, yes maybe I would have liked it better, but I'm not and I am aware how great the writing can be. Knowing the series, I am super let down by what the movie has to offer. I just can't stand it why if Sakuta loves Mai so much, he can't make a damn choice before 24th of December. What's worst is that his future ass-self has to go back in time to save himself from his incompetents. Moreover, the show uses cheap emotional tricks to fool the audience, with crying scenes and touching scenes and so on. I seriously hate this cliche trash of a writing. Finally, what the fuck is with that ending, yes fine, Shouko saved her fucking ass, but that doesn't give her and Sakuta the right to remember each other. Like, COME ON, they went through all that shit just because Shouko wanted to feel like a adult? What? Wack bro.


Character- 6/10: Our main dude, Sakuta, was normal for the first half of the movie, he was the Sakuta we all known and love from the series. On the other hand, the Sakuta from the second half, especially the one in 'present' time one, is so in denial. So much so that he fucking refuses to accept his future-self advise, what trash did I just watched. He is very inconsistent at parts and I really hated that. Another thing, why is Sakuta the centre of every female character, except his sister. Mui is understandable but why Futaba and damn, does Sakuta mean so much to Shouko. I hate this direction, placing so much emphasizes on one character that ever burden lays upon him. This score is mainly targeted at Sakuta, Mui and Shouko, cause they are the only characters that appear consistently throughout the movie.

Art- 8/10: This is expected from the studio, so really nothing much to say except they did it well. Just as good and maybe slightly better than the series.

Writing- 3/10: Shame. Most of the issue are above, this is the downfall of the whole show. I really could have seen the 'surprise' plot a mile away before it even happened so the story does not shock me or move me much like other people. Those reviewers giving this show anything above a 7? Fine, they have the rights to do so, but I have a feeling they fell for the cheap emotional tricks the show offered and gave this show a 7 and above. No, this movie is bad, the writing is far off the series and I and really let down. The plot was so stale that I even came up with interesting plots for my satisfactory. Like, if future Sakuta couldn't stop his present self or Mui, why don't he try stop the car instead? Yes is dumb but it is more interesting than the shit show I've seen. But who am I to say, you be the judge.

Sound- 7/10: Hard to get the OST from all the raging of the bad writing, I say it did it's job. Especially at those emotional scenes, you sneaking bastard. It definitely effected tons of viewers thus giving this show a 8.75, but yeah... It's fine I guess.

Overall, disappointed, sadden and just hope that the next season would be better.

Light 5