Dec 2, 2019
Elzrogao (All reviews)
Plot: Though I enjoyed the show, it is something that wont linger for long. Constructed using black and white cliche beams, it can't be helped thinking about the story's predictability which I thought of most of the time back then when watching the show. Plot progresses very rapidly, which leaves no room for lore exploration and in-depth exploration of characters. Although there is somewhat character developments for Rikka and Mia, it is not remarkable.

Soundtrack: I find the show's music very typical, but it befits the scenario which they are played in. Given the film's elements and theme, the music soundtracks are appropriate. As for the ED theme played at the credits, its good and it's lyrics are in touch with Black Fox 's storyline.

Animation: The animation is pretty good and consistent. Fight scenes were executed well. Character designs aren't bad but cool.

Overall: 7 / 10

From the many questions that were formed after watching the show, there is one raising the thought if the movie were instead a TV adaptation. In this route I believe, the story promises an uplift to its interesting potential, sparking an attention that will be fully appreciated.