Dec 2, 2019
YeeYeeAss (All reviews)
And thus me childhood began.
Moomin is a childrens book/comic made by Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson. Then for some reason the japanese made a moomin adaptation of a finnish childrens book, but oh boy I loved this as a child and even now I still do. It's fun for all ages.
There is not much of a story to speak about. Its kinda episodic show. There are few longer parts that I remember. One is when the moomin valley transformed into jungle and they had to destroy it since there were man eating plants. Then of course moomin pappas childhood.
The characters. Here are the important ones: Moomin troll is this white blob who is the main focus of most episodes. Moomin Pappa is the familys dad who is a nice fellow. Moomin Mamma is the mom who makes good pancakes and is a helpful person. Little my is this very small annoying little shit. Best boi snufkin is moomin trolls best friend and little mys cousin. Snufkin likes to travel and fish. Sniff is this greedy animal I think. He is a scaredy cat. Floren is the main love interest of the show. Moomintroll has a crush on her. The groke is this "purple pile of shit" who can freeze anything in his path. I was scared of it as a kid. Hemulen is a florist or a scientist. Stinky is another annoying little shit, he is the moomin valleys trouble maker. Ice Queen appears few times but holy hell, when she appears and the music plays, the shit is gonna go down.
I recommend everyone to watch this. Even tho it is a childrens show many adults and teens may enjoy it.