Dec 2, 2019
EvelioMV (All reviews)
I have to say, the first 2 episodes of this anime didn’t really hook me in so I held off on it for a while, but when I came back and watched the 3rd it got me super interested and I felt like I had to keep going until the next thing I knew I finished the whole thing. Now I can see why so many people like this show and often recommend it.

Characters: 9/10

The characters in this are the best part of this show in my opinion. The comedy and personality every character brings is really what makes this anime so amazing.

Story: 8/10

The story isn’t super unique or anything, but something about the mystery and the dark-ish vibes mixed in with the special abilities and the very well delivered comedy creates something special that I really enjoyed watching. I definitely recommend this and I will surely be watching the next 2 seasons when I get a chance.