Dec 2, 2019
LacrimaMosa666 (All reviews)
Sweet mother of God, what a crap was dat. I'm on the mission of looking and watching some heavy classics. After experiencing some very good (Mahoutsukai Sally) and decent (Mahou no Idol Pastel Yumi) animes I encounter this gem. And 'gem' is a very sarcastic way to call a shit. And yeah, this 52yo anime is terrible in any way and even it's age does not helping. It was bad back then, it's even worse now. That's the first negative review I wrote. Here's why...

What a pathetic piece of shit. It's pretty hard to write anything more than it's already stated in the synopsis. Basically boy and his dog fighting evil forces to save the world. It contains some heavy fantasy, horror and typical shounen action but poorly mixed and waaaaaaaaay too long. Everything that Bouken Shounen Shadar contains would be much better in max 75ep anime, not twice longer.

ART: 3
My God, I know it's old, I'm usually the first one to defend classic art. But here basically everything failed, I had real troubles to get anything positive from it. Charcet design was terrible, looked like glued to the back themes. And that's the other thing, nor the locations nor buildings and whole hand-drawn backing images were nice, disappointing and barely visible in details. And trust me - it's not that common. I'm still stunned that this shit comes in full color.

Pathetic piece of crap. Dialogues barealy hearable, sync and voice works terribble, some of the worst sound mixing I've ever heard. Forgettable soundtrack, awful main theme and songs. Haven't encounter that bad crap in ages.

From poor desing to poor character develompment. I can stand poor art if there's nice characters and some good backstories. Our main character is a boy from nowhere, we know barely anything except of his exceptional strenght and that he's special. The heck authors were thinking? I don't know. Of course during the show we are able to meet him more and more and find out something more about his history. But it's nothing compared to the show leenght. On the other hand we have the boy's companion, the bloody dog? I never seen so useless sidekick. I wondering if he was just dropped here only to do some fanservice. Awful. Gallery of second-plan characters and enemies is so... boring and plastic even friends were literally full of cliches in 60s!

Dreadful. Just no. If not mine strict no drop policy I wpuld dropped it after forst 20 episodes. Zero enjoyment. Series have some high ups however, the last arc is quite enjoyable, but to go there u have go throught 130 (!!!!) episodes of terrible storytelling and ridiculous plot. It's still somewhere between 2 or 3. Just avoidabe af. I suggest to think few good times before u start watching that.

Yeah, poor/very bad. Now lemme go with some honest info, I had the anime from various sources, mostly vhs rips from a friend, some arabic tv rips and few unkown italian episodes. Overall I had 5 missing episodes, I skipped 2 full eps by myself and I catched myself with speeding up watching by skipping in every episode few minutes of bullshit. AND I STILL WAS ON TRACK WITH PLOT AND NOTHING MISSED. How's about that? Amount of completely pointless episodes is stunning, u can easily skip between 20 episodes from 20 up to 40 and then easily go up to ep 55 then skip another 20 eps anf forward watching up to ep 100. Funniest part these are not fillers, these episodes are just pointless, giving nothing for the plot and are done just to fill the on-screen time. After ep 100 it's safe to skip whole 20 eps as after that starting the final arc which is really enjoyable, shame the whole series is not.

So naah, if u don't want to waste your time just avoid this title, however it's availability is extremely limited and literally soon will be completely forgotten and lost. And yeah, I feel somehow sad because of that but that's what the series unfortunately deserves. I wanted to defend it but after thinking over that there's barely anything to defent, except last arc it's pathetic, awful and terrible piece of anime.
And with that disappointing it's time to finish that review.

See yall around with another old anime in my deck.