Dec 1, 2019
Aaron_Salve (All reviews)

I am a manga reader and Nanatasu no taizai was finally supposed to get extremely exciting and interesting at this point. The manga from this point onward is amazing. It has lots of plot twists, character developments, character introductions, and a really great art style. This stuff was supposed to make this anime unique. But Studio Deen screwed it up. Or rather, the director and the choreographer for this season screwed it up. Because even though it has a good art style, it seems as if the director and choreographer had no idea what they are doing or what they are supposed to do. The quality of directorship and choreography is at the level of 'mars of destruction'. Seriously. All the scenes that ARE nicely portrayed, are exact replicas of the manga.

The anime has just become... uhh.. awkward... Diane and King kiss without any background music, in pure silence. Gowther cries with a very high pitched voice and the tears are super-awkward. There are many more scenes that were made awkward by poor director choices.

Overall, here are my scores -
Story - 7 (because of the manga and because 7 is slightly above average for me)
Art - 3 (just copied the manga)
Sound - 1(cuz there is no sound)
enjoyment -1 (just too awkward and boring to watch)
overall - 2 (art, sound and most importantly enjoyment killed it for me)