Dec 1, 2019
venusinfleursx (All reviews)
Even though this is a very short manga, only 13 chapters long, I sped through this series at the speed of light. The reason being? I just could NOT put it down.

[Spoiler free review]

Why did I find Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai so unputdownable? (Yes, it's a word, Google it).
Firstly, the story is so much more than the synopsis gives away. I went into this expecting perhaps a rather cute tale of friendship and school difficulties, maybe even some Yuri undertones? But instead, I was met with riveting drama, intriguing mystery and fantastic character development.
The character of Umino Mokuzu is fascinating and it is a true credit to the writer to be able to construct a character that the reader can empathise with to this extent.
The art too, of course, is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

In fact, there was very little I didn't like about this manga. My only gripe would be that I wish it was longer, only because I would've loved to immerse myself in the narrative further and to learn more about Nagisa's brother. But overall - fantastic, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great drama.