Dec 1, 2019
MFNick (All reviews)
6/10 is my total score

I believe that art and enjoyment are very dependent on the individual themselves so I'll be talking about the story and characters. Two very good characters the complement each other very well in any situation, it's as if Chito and Yuuri are real people that exist in this world right now, a very good job on that. The story though, isn't bad but it's existential edge. Now, don't get me wrong I love me some edge but this is like 6th grader level awareness of "Oh man, we're all going to die." Or "What's the point BS". Christ, I feel like the author had a rope around his neck while writing this or like he went through a break up and now has the mindset of there is no point. Gory, sexual, bloody, suffering edge is fine because it's "Damn bro lol". This is "okay this bro needs a doctor before he jumps"