Dec 1, 2019
Egco0 (All reviews)
I have never before heard about this manga by anyone online or in real life and im so thankful that i did find it. By accident i came across a manga that fully embraces what "Slice of life" means by giving a story that fills us with all emotions we experience in our lives. I would recommend it for most people who like romance stories. I hope more people will find and read this great manga.

Story: 9/10
Although the story is by no means a brand new plot that has never been done before, its still great at what it does. It doesnt need or try to become something different, instead it focuses on being amazing at what it tries to do.

Art: 9/10
One of the great Things about manga is that it can show us the characters emotions in other ways than Words. I personally love the way the art style changes to fit the mood or emotions of the characters. It makes it possible to create funny and cute moments and turn it into a deeper and realistic style in a fitting way.

Character: 9/10
The reason the whole story works so well is only due to the characters and their great dynamics. The story manages to explain to us the complex nature of our characters with their romantic feelings and self doubts. We see our characters wanting to grow and find their ideal self through the other character which gives us a clear understanding of who they are. They are flawed and awkward, but still we find them great due to their inner self and strengths that we as the reader get to observe.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I found myself extremely invested in the story and characters. I am usually very Critical to rating Things, but i found myself loving for the manga before i knew it. The romantic feelings between the characters dont feel forced which gives a great vibe.

Overall i found myself enjoying this manga very much and im sure that most people who read it will enjoy it as well.