Nov 30, 2019
Grape_Galaxy (All reviews)

Story: 7

It's pretty good, a majority of the arcs focus on the cruel reality of an actual carnivore and herbivore society and if you're into that kinda thing then I suggest you skip the first two arcs (It still has its carnivore and herbivore vibe to it but not as much.).

There are a few plot points which start and either never gets addressed again or get addressed later on. They aren't major at all. The only thing I guess it does make a certain character kind of confusing?

Character: 8

Now don't get me wrong, I love all the main characters but I just don't really understand Juno. After a few arcs her character kind of does a 180 for no particular reason? It comes out of no where and just seems unneeded.

Louis is possibly my most favorite out of the list of characters. His backstory is incredibly interesting and almost everything major he does leads you wanting more from him. The only problem I have with him is that his backstory is better than Legosi's.

Legosi is a nervous and protective character. He has anxiety when dealing with herbivores who are smaller than him and it's nice to see him struggle with it. Although he really isn't all that interesting until a few arcs later.

Haru is actually a much more interesting love interest than Juno. (That is if you see Juno as a love interest.) She doesn't instantly fall for Legosi and sees him like any other student until he gets to know him better. Personality wise, she isn't generic. She's not always a sweet, innocent rabbit and she can stand up for herself.

There are side characters later on who only have a singular purpose yet are still enjoyable in the few chapter they're in.

Enjoyment: 9

I love Beastars it's full of mystery and it makes you wanting more from it. If you love something like a Zootopia-esque world but you want some dark themes in it than this is the manga for you.

Overall, it's an interesting piece of work and I hope we get to see more of this world.