Nov 30, 2019
killermuffin96 (All reviews)
First of all, this is the first review I ever made to a manga or anime in my life. Second, sorry if my english is not good enough, let's start then!

I start reading the manga because I was bored and remembered a little of the anime adaptation on my head so i decided go and think on enjoy the history but....
At the beginning all goes good, whit a good rithym, not to much deflected to the anime but in one point of the history all loose the sense.

The guy fights with all he have to finally arrive the heart of Hina. They start enjoy the moments (and i really enjoy that part) but the history makes a inflection point and they have a crisis(the point about they have to brake the relationship and she leaves all and go far). In this moment i say to myself "it's okay this gonna happen sooner or later" and here is when all the history goes plummeted. The author force ALL THE HISTORY around Ruri constantly, page after page,chapter after chapter and volume after volume. It doesn't mind the times Hina or another Girl makes an aproach to Natsuo, he have the determination of GOD (whit Hina, Natsuo loose all the faith very easy and fast, this is one of the things that makes me really mad about spent 3 days of my time on read the 253 chapters that i could find) to continue loving Ruri even after She brokes whit him. So this make the history very predictable in all of the aspects.

The author waste very good options of research the history using other characters like momo, serizawa or even misaki (the girl with problems with drugs).
My last tough is that the author loose all his ideas and make a plain history to only sell more and use the popularity ranks to decide on what girl he focus the history.

Story: 4
Art: 7
Character: 5 ( have good characters but the 3 main characters are really predictable and boring)
Enjoyment: 4
Overall: 5