Nov 30, 2019
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(This would contain some punctuation signs mistakes...)

This is some kind of bad done Dragon Ball (I mean it)...

STORY: Some cursed kid from a land of superpowered people (do not confuse them with saiyans) must protect some magical dragon egg(dont confuse it with a dragon ball (lol) ) from and evil mafia guy who wants it to make himself the strongest being in existence and break some kind of curse that was punt onto him for killing some magic fox that blamed him to have an animal tail for the rest of his life if the would not save 100 lifes (because the protagomnist was evil just like Goku when he was a baby). Yes the premise is a little interesting (at least the part of break some curse) but believe me that the development is the most vulgar and simple you could imagine, very boring and with almost no surprise or change just some boring story of fights. Even the freaking finale is crap because the magic fox just turns the M.C again in a cursed being because he ended for liking him and all just becomes as the "statu quo" of the first chapter (Story 3/10)

ART. Just like the story., resembles a little too much to thijgs made by dragon ball... just more simple, lazy, careless and boring. Yes i am not joking. The art is the saiyan story art but more bummy... VERY BUMMY ( Art 3/10)

CHARACTERS: The cappital offense of this freaking manga and the one thing that will give it another freaking bad score at the end. Kajika is just some more obnoxious and annoying Goku., and the rest of the characters are a bunch of asses and really devilish bastards that you never would want to know if the would exist (i mean it) (Characters 2/10)

PERSONAL ENJOYMENT: I liked the combats and the cuteness of this series with hismessage of not killing, but...this is just too shitty and mediocre (mediocre is compliment for this shit) to deserve my appreciation (Personal enjoyment 2/10)

OVERALL: I will give this crappy piece of manga a horrendous 2/10 because characters really creeped me out and his lazy nature also bothered me. As i said earlier (2/10) and fuck you this time Toriyama.