Nov 30, 2019
Sasori_Nagashi (All reviews)
This manga is based on a legendary Yakuza member, one of the strongest brawlers around and legend of the criminal underworld turned into a (mostly) docile house-husband by the love of a special woman. Don't expect anything too deep out of this story however, as it is almost solely a comedy, featuring short chapters that often jump between events rapidly rather than a more continuous, slower paced story. If you are not a huge comedy fan it might not be the choice for you but as far as I am concerned this series is one of the best comedies I've ever laid my eyes upon. Chapter after chapter I find myself in stitches at the various misunderstandings, adventures and triumphs of Tatsu the Immortal, legendary house-husband!

The art is quite good, nothing particularly spectacular or revolutionary but of high enough quality to receive full marks. Quality is consistent and it stays on-model. The artist is quite talented in his ability to give the main character, Tatsu, an almost omnipresent natural menacing look that is simply his default. He is simultaneously frightening but totally casual and unaware of his aura of intimidation at most times. Capturing two things that are so at odds with one another in facial expression and body language is quite the triumph in my opinion.