Nov 30, 2019
Sasori_Nagashi (All reviews)
I think the best way I can describe reading this after watching the anime is... Disappointing?

The art isn't particularly bad or anything, it's just way too soft for the tone of the series. Even comparing it to the Light Novel cover materials you see how much softer the art style is. It more closely resembles an fanservice based idol series than a darker, plot-heavy series. The illustration feels kind of lacklustre and arguably lazy at times. A lot of the fight scenes lacked the impact the anime adaption was able to imbue into them. Great manga can manage to outperform or at least match animation, but this felt vastly inferior to me.

It's kind of hard to really pin down everything that felt bad about this adaption and I think a lot of it is arguably just preference than things one could argue as demonstrably bad. Either way, a very disappointing read for me.