Nov 29, 2019
ABPAEAE (All reviews)
It's 1 a.m. and I find myself delving into absolutely wonderfully depraved pseudo-hentai manga for reasons beyond my own comprehension.

I end up reading a handful of chapters of this, thinking "yo this really looks like some Kobayashi's Dragon Maid shit".

It is.

The author and artist of this is listed as an "original creator" for all the Dragon Maid seasons and specials.

This is literally just an R18 full-fledged manga very similar to the relationship between Quetzalcoatl and Shouta, with all the goodies of incest, rape, and hypnosis between a shota and busty mommies added in.

God bless Japan. Thank you KyoAni for hiring such talented creators.

8/10; Very mediocre manga, very satisfying hentai that scratches an otherwise unscratchable itch (mental illness?) in my brain.