Nov 29, 2019
UkePaChan (All reviews)
The story is between Hakuyou (a wolf youkai) and Shouji (a newspaper reporter), who ends up taking in Hakuyou as he has nowhere to live after fleeing from his clan.

The story is quite good, as it deals with Hakuyou's past, him trying to get accustomed to the human world and Shouji slowly figuring out what Hakujou truly is.
There are a few typical BL tropes here and there for drama effect that make the characters seem a little shalllow, but new fans to BL might enjoy the cheesy nature.

The art is nothing special, though I enjoyed the mixture of human/yokai interactions in wolf form.

Overall it's a rather fluffy and cute but not neccessarily special BL story that the more inexperienced BL readers might enjoy.