Nov 28, 2019
UkePaChan (All reviews)
Trigger warning for this manga for rape, torture and murder.

With the topic of prostitution I already expected a pretty dark manga, but it was actually much darker than I had initially thought.
The story is pretty good and doesn't work with a whole lot of fluffy BL clichés. We have an uke as a sex-worker who is rather cold and sees his job as his way of survival. The seme is not the usual 'savior' but hides a dark, mysterious side himself and ends up being the one that really gets the plot rolling. It stays interesting and ends up giving you a tad of drama and a sprinkle of yandere.

The included oneshot deals with an S/M relationship, which also includes torture and rape.

Not my personal cup of tea, as it was a tad too dark for me, but it was very well thought out for a oneshot and I'm sure that anyone who is into more edgy stuff will enjoy this!