Nov 28, 2019
TsarTheAwakener (All reviews)
I just finished reading this and all I have to say is that I am empty of words—this blew me away. I was expecting it to be full of gore and sexual depravities just for the sake of it, but I was so wrong from thinking that. Now I do warn you, this isn't for the faint of heart; it's extremely graphic both violently and sexually and the acts that occur are drawn in exceptional detail. But if you're like me and find this morbid shit interesting, then you'll probably enjoy it like I did—it's definitely not for everyone.

Story (7/10)
It's divided into short stories that have no relation to each other but do provide interesting messages, depravities, and characters. Some of the stories don't have messages though and usually are just substituted by shock instead, but even those stories can still provide an interest to the reader assuming they are interested in morbid things. I only found a few stories to hold any value, as in they left an impact on me. Thus, I give the story a 7/10 since not all of them left a great impact on me.

Art (8/10)
The art differed for each section and I liked that aspect. It gave the story more depth and meaning along with developing the characters. There were a few sections that either didn't look aesthetically pleasing (e.g. small, grainy, vague) or just didn't reciprocate what the story was trying to tell. But when it did fit, it did an astounding job at doing its job. I don't judge on 'how nice' the art looks but I just wanted to make note of that in case you may be concerned of that aspect. Like I mentioned earlier, the art does a wonderful job of illustrating and describing the events—almost too good if you understand what I mean. I will say, however, that this made certain aspects of the art hard to discern due to the abundance of detail, but other than that, I found it to be descriptive and detailed, for the most part. For art, I give it an 8/10.

Characters (6/10)
The characters were interesting in the sense of what they underwent, not of their personalities; many of them were quite one-dimensional but, in my view, I suspect this was intentional. The characters symbolize the message being told in the stories rather than being their own person with unique thoughts and traits. Some of the stories, the ones not telling a message, did have this present but it was still quite one-dimensional, so I give the characters a 6/10.

Enjoyment (7/10)
Enjoyment is all subjective so my view will, certainly, differ from your's. For me, I found it to be interesting in the sense that it presented a variety of depraved stories and what would happen in the end. I appreciated the twists added to some of the stories which added to the enjoyment factor. Other than that, nothing else aided the enjoyment factor. Hence, I give enjoyment a 7/10.

Overall (10/10)
With all these things in mind, I deduced my overall rating of this work to be 10/10 which differs from the ratings I gave above. The reason for this is because even with its flaws, I still found it to be remarkable and unique in its own way—something I don't see very often in manga. I find these morbid works to be fascinating in their own way and influential in their message, even if it's done through depraved means. So if you're into morbid, dark shit, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this work; I certainly did.