Nov 28, 2019
UkePaChan (All reviews)
Got swayed by the nice looking cover art but unfortunately this is just another basic BL manga.

I expected some smart and different stories, since the topic of zombies hasn't really been explored much in BL manga, but the stories are all really clichee and are nothing new or surprising at all. All of them are rather short so there is not much room for development anyway, but none of them left me thinking 'I'd like to read more of this'.

Since it's drawn by various artists the art differs, but all of them were nice to look at, with some better than others. Overall nothing super amazing though.

Most of the stories have a few drama elements (due to dealing with the topic of death).
If you are looking for some steamy zombie sex you're also in the wrong place since there is actually not a single make-out scene.

Overall, very mediocre and chlichee stories.