Nov 27, 2019
AsianG (All reviews)
Story 10 - What a kickass, crazy Fujita Kazuhiro has made yet again. From the author of Karakuri Circus, Ushio no Tora, and Bakegyamon we see another amazingly inspired work. Souboutei is the quintessential action, horrer manga that more people need to read, the story is fantastical, mysterious and extremely interesting. Everything is revealed at a good pace where the reader can take it everything that is going on and enjoy the crazy ride.
Art 8 - Fujita Kazuhiro's art is very hit or miss as it is reminiscent of the old manga artstyle, full of imperfect lines, luckily in this horror manga, who gives a sh** about neatness. Kazuhiro makes sure to go all out with the creative powers, monsters and environments the story needs and they are a true joy to look at. The action is fantastic and easy to follow and like his other works the facial expressions the characters make allow you to really experience their emotion and get yourself involved into the story.
Character - 9 Kazuhiro always makes his characters great, from adults to kids, everybody gets their fantastic badass moments and with the great facial expressions the artwork provides, it becomes very easy for the narrator to relate to the characters.
Enjoyment Overall - 9 I feel this is one of those hidden gem mangas more people need to know about, it has a crazy story that still is easy to follow and has no plot holes, it has great action and mental horrer elements, overall its a fantastic manga and as long as you can get down with Kazuhiro's old artstyle, you will love the hell out of this manga.