Nov 27, 2019
Irishchatter (All reviews)
So I read this manga weeks and weeks ago but was unable to review it since college was driving me up the walls with projects and stuff. Anyways I gotta say, this manga was pretty chilling and I'm not always the type of person who always gets chills from the horror genre. Well apparently now that I mention it, I got it from reading this series.

Seriously the girl characters in this man, they definitely have that stalker psycho vibe that leaves you on edge the whole time they appear. You definitely feel sorry for the main protagonist that he is sorta trapped in a rather interesting love triangle. Man when I watched the anime adaption a while ago, I never thought it was gonna be that creepy (well duh the art was atrocious) or that well done within the horror genre.

Definitely peeps should only check out this Manga series like seriously, it's such a very good must-read with terror and extremely shady romance involved!