Nov 27, 2019
sarinclouds (All reviews)
Story 8 - The story is fun and very cute that includes some comedic parts too, ignore the fact that they are sort of related to each other and you will really like this super cute story. One thing I did not like is that the top( Etsuro) messes around with girls a lot because I felt it wasn't necessary but it added to the story I guess. Also, I would've liked the author more to explain why the top was so depressed and his backstory, because It's obvious there's a lot that happened if you read the manga.

Art is a 10. I love this author's art style, not super detailed and very clean. Easy to read the dialogue boxes and I love the fanservice, the bottom( Kyuuta ) is super cute imitating a cat and top is super hot and kind of reminds me of a hungry beast when it comes to his lover.

Character is a 9. Again I do not like the top's personality very much. Widowish and depressing, but then again I really liked the possessive side of him fanservice and satisfaction with his steamy scenes 1000/10
The bottom has a personality that compliments the top.

Enjoyment - 10. I loved this story, definitely adding to my favorites list.

Overall - 10