Nov 26, 2019
RyanSpring (All reviews)
Planetarian is a short, minimalistic, pleasant little movie much in line with the previous works of Key. If you've enjoyed their other productions you'll likely enjoy this too.

There's a limit to how attached you can get to a character in an hour and a half, so the length, while obviously by design, does have its drawbacks. Nevertheless, while I wasn't absolutely heartbroken by the sad ending of this anime I was emotionally touched more than not at all. I think this could have made for a fine 12 episode anime series, but as a significantly shorter movie I was still pleased with what we got.

The music was often pretty, but there wasn't that one spectacular piece that really stole the show and commanded my attention. The voice acting from the two leads (in English) felt solid and believable and they clearly contrasted each other as intended.

Recommended to fans of Key and to those who view anime as an art form. Shounen fans, action junkies, horror/gore people, not so much.