Nov 26, 2019
Pinky (Anime) add (All reviews)
AzzurroKurai97X (All reviews)
Spoilers Warning: That is if you care.

I think I just stumbled across the biggest Anime abomination ever in my life. I mean, Shitcom and No Littering were stupid and hilarious, but Pinky...? To an extent, I'd probably call it one of the most gruesome, disturbing, and graphically dark ONAs that exist. Only reason you should watch this ONA is to probably have a blast (sarcasm) and be purposely disturbed by it. Or of course, just to fill in that completed anime list.

Story is super quick. A guy and a girl have an idea of filming something, so then he starts filming, then she whoops out a chainsaw, and then the person she has that's tied is now getting mauled and chainsawed to death by her with her blood and intestines flying all over the place. Then they finish filming it, and then...Upload it on the internet...Yeah...

Basically this ONA is the embodiment of insanity, twisted idea, and gruesome showing. Nothing much to be honest. This ONA is basically on the same level that you see in Robot Chicken or any other adult swim cartoon you see with it's blood splatting gruesome dark twisted scenes veiled with dark humor. One thing about this ONA is that it makes Goblin Slayer look like a kids show. Only 3 characters exist who have zero development whatsoever which is intended to be like that, and the basic sound effects, and only some air conditioning sound effect exists, and only 1 quick song plays at the very end of the credits which barely sounds like a song.

Enjoyment? Well, if you like dark humor with sick twisted ideas and a rather disturbing watch. Then I guess this series would be for you. Otherwise, if you value your sanity, then stick to My Hero Academia and Black Clover. If you did watch this ONA already, then try and watch Umaru Chan or any other slice of comedy to cheer your mind up since you probably feel darked out already. Overall, a 1/10 Anime. If there was a 0 for the rating, then I'd probably give a 0/10. As expected lol.