Nov 21, 2019
Mangox (All reviews)
I don't understand the negative view of this anime, from the production quality, direction, to the sound design/art, its all a masterpiece. I might be biased because this was one of the first anime I watched coming into the community, but the quality of this anime definitely popped out as I was used to watching mediocre anime.

(Note this is my first review)
Story 9

The story follows multiple girls in their struggle with puberty syndrome. The connection that you have with these girls are close and dear. It's very different than other anime that I've watched to this point, the story REALLY hits you emotionally and you can't get enough of the characters.
Sound 10
The sound was a 10/10. Kimi no Sei and Fukashi no carte are masterpieces. Both songs fit the story so well it's astonishing. The OST in this anime was executed so well it took away my breathe at times. You could definitely catch me listening to the OP and ED on my own time.
Character 10
The characters were so in-depth and there's so much to discover about them while watching the show. The witty dialogue made the experience so much more enjoyable since it made normal conversations between characters so much more interesting. The way all the characters interacted with each other couldn't be better.
Enjoyment 10
I can't stop thinking about this anime a year later, I truly enjoyed this anime to the fullest. I re-watched it countless times and it never gets old, the plot really touches my soul in ways I cant write. The ending wasn't the best ever, which really was a let down to me, but I still absolutely loved this experience.
Overall 10
I highly recommend this anime to anyone, whether you're a veteran or someone new to the community. It will open your eyes to knowing what a true, breathtaking anime is.