Nov 21, 2019
Hashihash (All reviews)
So I wouldn’t call this a masterpiece, but I enjoyed it very much. It’s been a while since I found one I didn’t not make snarky remarks at while watching.

Not everyone will enjoy this. Why? Because it’s unrealistic, as you know if you read the other reviews. For me, I can make exceptions if unrealism is done right. Because why not? Anime has always had its unrealistic parts and we made exceptions. Dragonball, Alchemist, Sword, MHA, Little Witch, etc etc.
I came into this anime not expecting much because the author is a story writer, not an actual doctor, politician, businessman, inventor, fighter, journalist, nor magician. What you’re going to get is really easy to pick up if not the title, then starting from episode 1’s loaded line from Tsukasa: “Let’s enjoy the world to the fullest. Because if we were to go all out, we could end up destroying it.” (Peaceful smile). Realistically speaking, no, humans nor society does not work in a way that only 7 youths could control and rule the world. But since it’s anime, the impossible is NOT impossible!

All the characters are portrayed well and are likable imo. Their quirks, the lines they say, and interactions are the main appeal for this show. I enjoy watching them turn a medieval world into a democratic world. The ideals they speak of are very important. I find it interesting how they formed their own religion and god. Last but not least, the animal ears. Who doesn’t think they’re adorable?? The way the ears perk up and the tails wag just grabs your heart. Also, Lyrule is best girl. If not, then Tsukasa is, though he’s male. As for the villain. For now, he’s hyper cliche. I’m not annoyed at the tropes because we don’t know his background yet. I wonder how the author will decide to flesh him out.

I read the manga, but I enjoyed the anime version more because this type of casual, fight and save a world, entertainment story is better that way. Paired with the cute and expressive animations. Like the intro says, “Let’s start a revolution!”