Nov 20, 2019
NuxlocFae (All reviews)
Have you ever wanted to watch a Japanese Sherlock Holmes wave his dick at you?
Have you ever wondered what a murder mystery would look like if lol-so-random jokes were shoved up its ass?
Are you looking for a mystery anime that makes no sense what-so-ever? Do you even care about writing quality, or are just a you fake anime fan?

If you said yes, then look no further than this anime.

Kabukichou Sherlock is a sorry excuse for a mystery anime! The art is fine, I don't mind the op/ed, or voice acting. But the characters have nothing to them! The script is so stupid. It tries way too hard to be funny. Has no one realized how bad this show is?

The main issue no one has brought up is that the case are clues are illogical. No audience member could possibly pick up on them or pieced together the mystery until the episode ends. The solution to the cases involve some characters we don't even meet until the final minutes of the episode, which makes the main “mystery” not a mystery at all.

DOn't even tell me this is meant to be a comedy, because the jokes are horrendous! Never laughed once.