Nov 19, 2019
Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
tl;dr: An anime that is amusing enough but has way too many instances where things go nowhere.

This is ultimately a pretty standard harem anime. It's pretty well written and most of the characters are interesting. However, to be honest, I wasn't really fond of Chitoge, because even though I usually don't dislike tsunderes she just felt annoying. She was also the main heroine it felt like, so that ended up dampening my enjoyment of the series somewhat as she was in the focus the most. I was more fond of Marika and Onodera and preferred the parts that focused on them. Still, both of them and the other characters get a decent amount of focus as well, and hence overall I'd have to say that I did enjoy seeing the series progress and the heroines develop. This mostly occurred through small stories that were hilarious at times, which were the best ones, though there were a decent amount of serious moments where things actually moved forward. The thing though, was that things got pretty ridiculous a lot, which is fine for the comedy portions, but it also felt that way for a lot of the serious moments in that there are serious moments that feel somewhat absurd due to how dependent they are on perfect coincidences and conveniently forgotten memories. These moments are usually present at the end of some story that involves a lot of suspense of some major revelation about to occur, but in the end nothing happens, generally in relation to the past and the promise, which just feels dumb at times. So while there certainly is relationship development and things do move forward, the amount of times where it feels like a major step is going to occur but it doesn't is incredibly annoying and just overall makes the series feel like it's not going anywhere even though things are happening at a decent pace. I didn't just not like these parts, I felt they actively made the series worse and were completely unnecessary to the degree that they were present. Though I feel that I made this aspect worse on myself due to sort of marathoning it, and that it may not be as much of an issue if consumed as a slow burn.

The art, art style, and animation are a mixed bag in that, as is generally the case for Shaft, it does a lot of pretty unique and often strange shots in terms of perspective, style, etc. I'm not entirely sure whether that hurt or helped this, but it definitely didn't help anywhere near as much as in the Monogatari or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series which were greatly enhanced by Shaft's uniqueness. The OPs were good. The EDs were mostly good, but it felt like there were too many, with in the Blu-Ray them even adding in extra and changing the order in such a way that felt it was wrong in that it focused on characters in the ED before they were introduced in the series. The soundtrack wasn't particularly memorable other than the track that often played at the beginning of episodes.