Nov 19, 2019
xlin6798 (All reviews)
Just watched Tenki no Ko at AnimeNYC this weekend.
It is underrated. It is underrated. It definitely is underrated.
We all had too high of an expectation on this movie because of Shinkai's previous masterpiece Kimi No Nawa. Although the plot and the theme of the two are alike, I found them both to be amazing.

Story: 7/10
Yes there are plotholes, most of them are logic holes. But come on, the world which the movie took place was obvious enough that it is not the universe we live in, dont use Earth men's logic and common sense when you watch any anime. Treat each anime as different universe with different rule. In the end, anime is a perception of our dream, it is not reality, but it could be.

Art: 9/10
Hina is cute, indeed, but I think she could be cuter.

Sound: 8/10
I love all the theme songs played during the movie, the sound effects were also very powerful. Too powerful that is giving me minor heart attack, which I did not like. The soundtrack was emotional and made this movie even better, the timing and the tone all fit well into the movie. I just can't have enough of the songs, have them all downloaded onto my phone.

Character: 10/10
My favorite character is Sempai, if you know it, then you know.

Enjoyment: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

--Stop scrolling-- Minor spoil below
Taki and Mitsuha both made their appearances throughout the movie, but they weren't shown together. I guess Shinkai leave the status of their relationship to the audiences, which some of you guys may prefer. But I rather have Shinkai show them being together. I just want a kiss scene, not nothing more, please, just once Shinkai. PLEASE