Nov 19, 2019
Nevereal (All reviews)
Ever wanted to watch Accelerator fighting a huge pink teddy bear with a half-naked girl in a center of it? Maybe you wished to hear him constantly saying lines that are cringe-worthy and stupid, or laughing like an idiot without any particular reason? Or, perhaps, you were eager to see Raildex finally becoming a 100% trash?

What do you mean, "no"? Well damn, that's too bad, because this piece of garbage that supposed to tell about one of the most interesting characters in this verse presents you exactly that.

Seriously, it's even worse than third season of Index. Two times worse, at least.
And that's saying something.
While watching this anime, you'll see everything I listed above; and that makes it awful. Those are reasons why I consider it bad and do not recommend anyone to watch it unless they want to feel disgust towards characters or setting.
Is THAT clear enough for you, mods? Or will you keep finding reasons for removing this review, because you seem to like the anime so much?