Nov 19, 2019
Cerbenix (All reviews)
"Silliness galore" that how I would sum up this show. If you're looking for a light hearted comedy with some romance sprinkled in then look no further.

Story: 6
Episode to episode there wasn't really any main plot. Most of the episodes are single serving stories. You watch one and then it's on to the next adventure/disaster. Not a huge fan of these kinds of shows but for a light viewing enjoyment it was pretty good. Some of the episodes seemed more like fillers where the romance between the 2 main characters didn't advance and they were pretty boring and hard to sit through. In my opinions the show should have been shorter. With the 26 episode count it seemed drawn out. I also felt like the comedic part was wayyyy too over the top. There were too many comedic moments which I am not a fan of. Of course it's good to have comedic relief but so much of it becomes annoying and jarring. But that's just my thought some people might enjoy that. What it did pretty well was the romantic moments between the two protagonists. They are few and far in between but they hold the show together and every time it happens you just can't get enough and you wanna see what happens next. All that said I thought the ending was very very anticlimactic. As they say it left a bad taste in my mouth. I watched this show because I was expecting there to be more of the romance stuff and was expecting a somewhat exciting ending. What I got was a "oh and by the way... that happened" moment.

Art: 8
The art was pretty good. Switching between the comedic style for funny parts and very detailed style for the more serious stuff. It wasn't anything spectacular and pretty much the style what I have grown to expect from this era of animes.

Sound: 7
Intro and outro songs were not my style and liking but I seeing when it was released I think it fits that time period. Comedic sound effects were on point and sometimes funnier than the joke. Can't say I pay much attention to background music in animes so nothing in particular stood out to me.

Characters: 7
Characters I felt were what you would expect from an anime a little bit generic but at the same time unique in their own way. And some which I never had seen before in animes. Particularly the male protagonist. He was cold at first and only towards the ending he truly showed his colors. Through out the show I was surprised at multiple points of his reactions and answers and retorts. I could never guess his responses so that was refreshing. Most of the time in other animes you can predict what is going to be said in the scene by the music and overall mood but not here. The female protagonist was your average tsundere. Someone who never lets other people see their feelings and acts kind of cold to any romantic and sweet moment. And was like this all they way to the end. A bit disappointing to not be able to see her develop a more reveling personality and express those feeling in a sweeter and gentler way. There is one flaw that I couldn't get over however. I still don't get why Usui went for Misaki. As I recall there wasn't really an explanation to it. Just a hint to it in the last 3 episodes but still I didn't completely get it. But if you don't pay much attention to that its easy to look past that.

Enjoyment: 6
I watched the show for it's romance which was there but not enough for my liking and as I said the ending left a bad taste in my mouth it was so disappointing. But I still somewhat enjoyed the show and might come back to it when I feel like I need a comedy anime running in the background. But that's not going to be for a while. I need to forget the ending first.

Overall: 7
Yes the endings was meh but the romance was sweet and exciting. I heard the manga goes past the ending of the anime and if they had released or will release a second season I would definitely watch it. It's an easy to watch anime and easy to follow with no particular moment in the anime where you would need to jump back and rewatch something to understand whats going on if you missed something. So if you're looking for a show to watch while you multitask and have a laugh and don't know what to watch next. Then go ahead and give this one a try.